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Top 3 leadership questions to reflect on

Kysha Gibson


The start of the financial year reminds me of the mix of excitement and trepidation that heading back to school in September used to trigger for me.

In September, I found myself in a room with a bunch of other #Accenture partners asking ourselves three difficult questions — requiring deep self reflection and feeling incredibly uncomfortable about how self indulgent it felt to be thinking about myself in this way.

The questions were:

1. Who am I as a leader?
2. What kind of leader do I want to become?
3. What am I prepared to do to make it happen?

As with most of what I write on social media, I decided to share my thoughts here as a snapshot in time. It’s week 64 as an Accenture partner.

So, Who am I as a leader?
I am very focused and results oriented but believe in getting results through clear direction setting, active listening, and genuine collaboration and team work, while having a bit of fun along the way. I feel a sense of duty of care to my clients, colleagues, teams and, more recently, equally to myself.

What kind of leader do I want to become?
I’d like to be a leader that makes an indisputably positive, material and lasting impact to: the business and partnership that I am a part of, the industries and clients that I advise and work with, the people that I come in contact with and ideally society.

What am I prepared to do to make that happen?
I believe that being deliberate in — what I work on, where I spend my time and who I work with are key to achieving these goals. This would involve saying ‘no’ to a lot of the usual professional services opportunities while saying ‘yes’ to others that show the potential to become something truly iconic. It’s a strategy that some might say is risky, but has the potential to be hugely impactful and personally rewarding.

So watch this space — I’d be curious in 1, 5 and 10 years’ time to look back on this self #reflection and see what changes in my accenture and personal #modernleadership journey. #lettherebechange

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